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Pestim energia Ltd. ("We save energy" Ltd.) offers engineering design, delivery and installation of energy-efficient heating, ventilation and cooling systems. Furthermore, the company offers and implements renewable energy projects and energy efficiency audits.

At Pestim energia Ltd. we pay great attention to the characteristics of the equipment that we offer - thinking about the future of our environment, we recommend equipment which saves both energy and operational costs.


Infrared heating panels InfraHEAT with a new website

January 2014 | Opportunities


It is not surprising that specialists in the field call infrared heating the heating of the third millennium. On our new website www.infraheat.bg you can learn more about the advantages of heating with far infrared waves, you can be assured about the efficiency of the equipment by calculating the required heating capacity with the calculator available on the website, as well as look through the galleries of implemented projects. Do not hesitate to contact our team for further information on the heating systems or for advice on product selection.

Energy Center

We save energy | Energy Center

The Center for Energy, Energy Sources, Environment and New Technologies is being constructed by Utilities Ltd. in Sliven, Bulgaria. The Center will be a ground for distribution and promotion of new technologies in the energy and HVAC sector with an emphasis on renewable energy sources and new efficient materials preserving the environment.